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Calculators for Sequences and Series

Samuel Chukwuemeka teaching Sequences

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You may use these calculators to check your answers. You are encouraged to solve the questions first, and check your answers. These topics are covered in my Notes and Videos on Sequences. I wrote the codes for these calculators using Javascript, a client-side scripting language. Please use the latest Internet browsers. The calculators should work.
For some calculations, you may need to refresh your browser after each calculation.
Comments, ideas, areas of improvement, questions, and constructive criticisms are welcome. You may contact me. Please be positive if you do.
Please NOTE:
(1.) Only integers and decimals are allowed. Fractions and variables are not allowed for this calculator.
If your answer is a decimal, and you need to convert it to a fraction, then use the "Decimal to Fraction" link.
(2.) If you are not sure of what type of sequence OR if you would like to know the general term of a particular sequence, begin with the "What type of Sequence?" link.

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Decimal to Fraction

What type of Sequence?


Arithmetic Sequence


Geometric Sequence


Quadratic Sequence